2021 - - $174 $196 $153 $221 $219 $404 $577 - - - $1944

This table shows my current and previous income generated from the sources below. Keep in mind that these numbers are not even remotely accurate due to the volatility of crypto currency. Since these profits are stored as their respective crypto currency and not fiat, if the value of the market increases by 10x all previous values are also worth 10x more.


Use these links to receive free crypto when joining some of the platforms that I currently use.


NOTE: This is not a reflection of my entire portfolio, just the assets currently providing a passive income. The majority of my crypto currency is stored offline in cold wallets.

$54 VISA Stake pays 10% interest on the CRO staked on the card. With an initial $5000 staked on the Jade Green card, this amount varies quite a bit based on the current value of the CRO coin. As the value of CRO increases, I will likely end up earning much more than 10% of my initial investment. In addition, this card provides free Netflix and Spotify accounts, so those savings have been added in to the monthly value. There are numerous other benefits to this card as well such as increased interest rates on other currencies held on the platform.


Crypto VISA Cash Back

The card I have chosen offers 3% cash back on every purchase I make in the form of CRO coins. This creates a fairly substantial amount of additional passive income per month in addition to the other benefts mentioned above. These CRO coins will be converted to other currencies at regular intervals, meaning the 3% reward could end up scaling drastically higher as the value of crypto increases. The amount I spend varies quite a bit per month, so I've taken a rough average for this value which I'll update over time.


Nexo Account

I have a portion of my bitcoin and ether with Nexo, as well as all of my NEXO tokens. I'm currently earning 6% interest on my BTC and ETH, and 7% interest on my NEXO tokens.


Celsius Account

I have a portion of my bitcoin and ether with Celsius. I'm currently earning 6.2% interest in BTC and 5.35% interest on ETH which are compounded weekly.


Shakepay "Shaking Sats"

ShakePay gives free satoshis (unit of bitcoin) daily just for shaking your phone. I'm currently near the top of the tier streak. Over time, these satoshis will be worth significantly more as the value of bitcoin increases.


Solana Yield Farming

I'm currently providing liquidity in numerous yield farms on the Solana network. Current pairs: SOL/RAY on Raydium and aggregated through Solfarm which pays 76% APY, RAY/USDT on Raydium and aggregated through Solfarm which pays 231% APY, and BTC/renBTC through Saber and aggregated through Sunny and Solfarm, which pays 97% APY on my wrapped BTC.


Grid Trading Bot

I have created and added some funds to a grid trading bot at KuCoin. The profits will be difficult to calculate since the bot is constantly swapping profits between BTC and USDC, but I'll try to maintain a rough average based on overall APY.


Kraken Stake/Lending

I have some Polkadot (DOT) being lent to Kraken to be added to their stake pool. I am currently receiving 12% APR.


Cardano Stake

My Cardano (ADA) is currently staked from a personal wallet. I'm earning about 5% APR.


Solana Stake

My Solana (SOL) is currently staked from a personal wallet. I'm earning about 7% APR.


Cosmos Stake

My Cosmos (ATOM) is currently staked from a personal wallet. I'm earning about 9% APR.


ADAX Stake

I have some pre-launch ADAX tokens awaiting the Cardano smart contract launch in September. In the meantime, these tokens are staked through ExMarkets as part of the initial distribution and earning roughly 1% per month paid out in ADA.


Elrond Gold Stake

This has been sold into ADA and is awaiting yield farming opportunities on the Cardano network once smart contracts launch in September.